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The expertise of people involved in the URL covers a wide variety of knowledge disciplines, mainly related to the management and restoration of the environment, wastewater treatment and freshwater ecology with the common goal of gaining understanding of the functioning of streams and rivers altered by human activity to improve their management and quality.

PhD in Biology, her research focuses on the biogeochemistry of nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon in rivers and riparian zones, the hydrological and biological interactions between these two ecosystems and how global change, especially urban activity, affects these processes.

Eugènia Martí Roca

Researcher at CEAB-CSIC

Bachelor in Biology, his professional activity focuses on the management and restoration of the landscape. He is an expert in Bioengineering. He is the Vice President of the Spanish Association of Landscape Engineering (AEIP) and member on-board of the European Soil & Water Engineering Group (ESWEG).

Albert Sorolla Edo

Technical Director of Naturalea.

PhD in Biology, her research focuses on the study of the structure, dynamics and function of aquatic communities and ecosystems dominated by plants in coastal waters, wetlands and inland waters (rivers and lakes).

Esperança Gacia Passola

Researcher at CEAB-CSIC

PhD in Biology, his research focuses on the biogeochemistry of aquatic ecosystems and the processing of dissolved organic matter in stream ecosystems. He is the Head of the Department of Ecology of the University of Barcelona as well as the Head of Centre de Recerca d’Alta Muntanya (CRAM-Vielha).

Francesc Sabater Comas

Full Professor at the University of Barcelona.

PhD in Biology, her research focuses on the study of the consequences of climate change and human activities on the functioning and structure of both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, and how this ultimately affects their ability to retain and transform nutrients at different temporal and spatial scales.

Susana Bernal Berenguer

Ramón y Cajal researcher at CEAB-CSIC.

Bachelor in Biology, his current professional activity is focused on the management and restoration of natural environment in the Basin of Besós River. He is an expert in wastewater treatment. He was the Head of the wastewater treatment plant of Montornès del Vallès and Head of Department of wastewater treatment plant outflows control .

Manel Isnard Blanchar

Head of the Environmental Department of the Consorci Besós-Tordera.

PhD in Biology, his research focuses on stream biogeochemistry and more specifically how human activity affects the capacity of streams and rivers to process nutrients, mainly nitrogen and carbon.

Miquel Ribot Bermejo

Research Technician at CEAB-CSIC.

Bachelor in Biology, her research is focused on fluvial biogeochemical processes and how aquatic plants and microbial communities may improve water quality in streams receiving WWTP effluents.

Sara Castelar Delgado

Research technician at CEAB-CSIC

Bachelor in Agro-Environmental and Landscape Engineering, currently his professional activity is focused on bioengineering techniques for landscape restoration and management.
He is engage in many European research projects.

Adrian Löchner Prats

Project manager at Naturalea

PhD in Biology, his research is within the scope of Microbial Ecology and Environmental Microbiology, mainly of aquatic and aerial environments, but also of the microbiota of animals. His current research activities are focused on the study of diversity, dynamics, and functional and adaptive aspects of microbial communities in natural environments.

Xavier Triadó Margarit

PhD associate at CEAB-CSIC.

She got her PhD in Biology from University of Barcelona on 2010 working on the interactions between stream morphology, hydrology and nutrient cycling. Her current research focuses on the understanding of stream functional processes under natural and disturbed conditions.

Alba Argerich Terrades

Professor at University of Missouri (USA).

PhD in Microbial Ecology, investigates the environmental microbiome and the ecological and evolutionary laws that govern it and how biodiversity and biogeochemistry modulate each other, using tools of molecular biology, genomics and ecoinformatics and the conceptual framework of general ecology.

Emili O Casamayor

Research Professor at CEAB-CSIC.