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Passion for research

The URL is available to academic, governmental and private institutions willing to benefit from the scientific and technical knowledge of the URL team as well as from the experimental facilities provided. The URL is a unique outdoor laboratory in Europe due to both their design and the multidisciplinary profiles of the URL team. The URL provides scientific and technical support for research related to the effects of urban activity on streams and rivers as well as for solving more specific technical requirements.


  • The URL provides services such as:
    •  Validation of techniques or products.
    • Characterization of techniques and products.
    • Evaluation of side effects.
    • Analysis of specific treatment of contaminants


  • The URL offers the possibility to rent part of the facility (channels or wetlands) to Universities, governmental and private institutions to develop their own research with or without scientific and technical support by the URL team.
      •  18 channels of 12 meters length with a section of 0.74 x 0:47 m. The circulating water comes from a central tank fed by treated water from the effluent of a wastewater treatment plant. The input flow rate of each channel is adjustable up to 0.5 L/s.

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